The Agendashift community on Slack is 2 today 🎉🎉

If you’re interested in outcome-oriented change, continuous transformation, and Lean-Agile generally, here’s the place to find like-minded people, have your questions answered, and engage in thoughtful discussion. If you’re putting Agendashift into practice, it’s where you’ll find support.

Two years ago today saw the birth of something really special: the Agendashift community on Slack. We’re now just a few short of 500 members, a milestone that is surely only days away.


A selection of recent activity in some of the more popular channels:

  • #assessments: enhancements to the online survey tool deployed in recent days; the wording of some of the assessment prompts
  • #bookclub: coordinating a Zoom-based discussion on 3rd volume of Gerald Weinberg’s Quality Software Management
  • #changeban: sharing the announcement of Changeban v0.3 (it’s evolving a bit faster now that we’re creating more opportunities to use it)
  • #cleanlanguage: various Clean Language-related events (some organised by channel members); a podcast featuring Caitlin Walker (author of one of the three Clean Language book in the Agendashift reading list)
  • #featureban: experience reports from Norway, Sweden, and South Africa; the Spanish translation (see the Featureban page for resources)
  • #kanban: a discussion on whether and what to document for the benefit of future joiners to a team
  • #leancoffee: organising our next meeting, probably on July 13th; a recording of our previous one
  • #right-to-left: progress on the next book
  • #workshops: transformation strategy workshops and more general business strategy workshops (mostly using Agendashift material but not exclusively); changes to the material as it evolves through use; workshop facilitation in general

If you’d like to join, just head over to and request your invite. See you there!

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