Agendashift roundup, November 2015

Agendashift on the web:

Out and about:

  • I had a great time at the Dublin Lean Coffee (with wine!) in Dublin last week. I’ll be making visits to Northern Ireland next month and January, working again with my friends at InvestNI
  • Also next month I’ll be a keynote speaker at Lean Kanban India

Progress on the platform:

  • The values-based delivery template has now been translated into French, German, Italian, and Dutch, with a Russian translation out soon. Go to the Depth of Kanbanland 2015 survey page to try them out. Thank you Christophe Keromen, Markus Hippeli, Marco Bresciani, Martien van Steenbergen, and Nikita Vishnevskiy.
  • Development of the new hypothesis-based change functionality is progressing well, though no launch date just yet!

Transforming Lean/Agile transformation

To reflect more accurately the interests of our user base of beta testers and survey respondents and the clients of our training and consulting services, we’ve updated our strapline to “Transforming Lean/Agile transformation”. If you’re contemplating, starting, or in any way struggling with Lean/Agile transformation in your organisation, one of our unique workshops may help you get unstuck:

Alternatively, let us facilitate an Agendashift assessment exercise for you. If you’re a coach or trainer yourself, talk to us about beta testing and co-training.

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2 thoughts on “Agendashift roundup, November 2015

  1. Hi Mike, Having bought your book (and nearly finished it) I guess I’d better start reading your blog as well. The book is good – clear and thoughtful – and I especially like the connection with Systems Thinking, I have been following John Seddon for many years. If you have not come across them already you may be interested in some work that are doing (Goethe) – automating project management based around Kanban and machine learning. Good luck and keep well.


    1. Thanks John, good to hear from you again and I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. I’m familiar with John Seddon’s work (seen him speak a few times and read one of his books) but not Will take a look. Cheers!


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