Slides for next week’s #llkd16 talk: Servant Leadership un-neutered

This is an experiment – I’m not in the habit of posting conference slides ahead of the event, but here are the slides for my talk Servant Leadership un-neutered at next week’s London Lean Kanban Days 2016. From the conference website:

What is Servant Leadership? Is it just “unblocking all the things” and “getting out of the way”?

In this session, Mike would like both to challenge that misrepresentation of this classic leadership model and to show Servant Leadership’s present-day relevance to the challenges of Lean-Agile transformation.

In slides 5-12 I go back to Greenleaf’s writings on Servant Leadership, with some thoughts on why we hear such a disappointingly half-baked version of it much of the time. Slides 13 onwards are about the role of Servant Leadership in Lean-Agile transformation, taking six different journeys through the Agendashift model.

I will in due course write up those transformation strategies. Meanwhile, enjoy the deck, and Discuss on LinkedIn.

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