Agendashift roundup, May 2016

It has been an epic month! The 6+1 Strategies paper; SPaMCast interview; Featureban 2.0 and a trip to India; tool updates; accepted for Øredev and Agile Cambridge; the Agendashift blog’s most-read posts.

6+1 Essential strategies for successful Lean-Agile transformation

After several rounds of review (a big thank you to the review team), the Agendashift white paper is now available. Request your copy here.

SPaMCAST Interview

A few weeks ago Tom Cagley interviewed me for SPaMCAST and the podcast episode is now available for listening. Tom is an excellent interviewer – it’s my third appearance on his podcast and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one. Hear for yourself: SPaMCAST 396 – Mike Burrows, Agendashift.

Previous appearances: 310 – Kanban from the Inside (about my book) and 224 – Kanban Values (recorded in February 2013, just a month after I first published the model).

Featureban 2.o

Towards the end of the month I was in the Delhi region for Agile Gurgaon 2016. As well as a keynote on Servant Leadership (with the 6 strategies), I ran the brand new 2.0 version of Featureban, our “simple, fun, and highly customisable kanban simulation game”. Drop me a line if you’d like the latest materials; it comes under a friendly Creative Commons licence and you are very welcome to adapt it to your needs.

Tool updates

As described in New feature: ‘Starring’ prompts at assessment time, we’ve improved the workflow of the online tool, making it convenient to prioritise prompts while the main part of the assessment is in progress.


I’m excited to have been accepted as speaker by two of Europe’s best-known Agile conferences, Agile Cambridge 2016 (28th-30th September) and Øredev 2016 (7th-11th November).

In June, two events closer to home:

  • Agile Yorkshire, evening meetup in Leeds, Yorkshire on Tuesday June 14th
  • Agile North, 1-day conference in Preston, Lancashire on Thursday June 30th

Top posts

  1. A3 template for hypothesis-driven change (April)
  2. A good working definition of done
  3. Who sets the agenda?
  4. The Agile process paradox (OR: Right conversations, right time)
  5. On not teaching PDCA (March)

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