Applied Servant Leadership: 2. Needs

This is the second article proper in a series introduced with It’s time to reclaim Servant Leadership. We’re looking at how, in the practical context of Lean-Agile transformation, we take Servant Leadership beyond “serve the team” or “unblock all the things and get out of the way”.

Strategy 2 in our white paper 6+1 Essential strategies for successful Lean-Agile transformation is called Needs-first, and it is perhaps the most radical of them all.

Not convinced? What if…

  1. Staffed accordingly, the exploration of needs becomes an ongoing activity (as opposed to something done “up front”), an integral part of a delivery process that is designed to align itself continually to the needs of all those it serves
  2. Requirements (the currency of old-school product development and project delivery) are routinely rejected if a clear connection to need cannot be established; a new and more humble language describing needs, potential solution options, and desired outcomes replaces the old
  3. There is clarity on which needs are and aren’t core to mission; this is revisited from time to time, reaffirming purpose

In your role as servant-leader, are you ready to help make this happen?

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