Agendashift roundup, July 2016

This month: Agendashift, Clean Language, and Cynefin; Become an Agendashift facilitator; Upcoming events; Top posts

Agendashift, Clean Language, and Cynefin

The Kanban Leadership Retreat in Barcelona helped to consolidate recent conversations regarding the use of Clean Language (the coaching tool) and Cynefin (the complexity framework) with Agendashift. Advanced versions of our training materials now incorporates both, as will the facilitator’s deck for the Agendashift debrief/action workshop (more on the latter in a moment).

Long story short, Clean Language is great for (among other things) eliciting desired outcomes, helpfully separating those from solution options. This in turn reinforces Agendashift’s role as a strategy deployment tool. Cynefin goes on to help participants choose a implementation approach that is appropriate to the problem in hand.

Become an Agendashift facilitator

In last month’s roundup I preannounced plans to make the Agendashift tools and facilitation materials available on a commercial (but very affordable) basis. We’re hoping to launch publicly at around the end of September; meanwhile we have been sharing an outline of the partner programme with our beta testers and other potential participants. If interested in being part of that first wave, do please get in touch.

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