Three ways to get 2017 off to a flying start

1. An Agendashift-based coaching conversation: 60-120 minutes exploring the scope and goals of your Lean-Agile transformation, identifying key organisational objectives, obstacles, and outcomes. Take a mini or full-sized Agendashift assessment on your own as prework or as the focus for conversation.

2. A Transformation Mapping workshop: If you’re an internal sponsor, let us help you engage your colleagues in the transformation process, agreeing scope together, debriefing your survey, generating an outline plan, beginning to dig into the detail, getting yourselves organised for success. If you’re a practitioner, check out our partner programme – you could soon be using the all Agendashift tools and workshop materials yourself!

3. A longer engagement: Get regular support on site or remotely from an experienced practitioner who has been on journeys like this before, structured to give you the right combination of strategic advice, training, and hands-on coaching.

You can see these as a progression: each step a low-risk way to see what a bigger commitment might look like. The modes of delivery can differ, but the underlying models remain the same – always humane (respectful of where people are today), participatory (engaging people in the process from the outset), and refreshingly non-prescriptive.

Could Agendashift be just what you need? If you think it might, get in touch with us directly or find a partner near you.

Here’s to an exciting 2017

In case you missed it: 2016’s best bits. Not that we’re resting on our Christmas laurels!

Next week, work begins in earnest on a new book (my second), working title “Agendashift: Lean-Agile transformation for everyone”. I can’t wait to get started! Meanwhile, keep an eye out for a new series of blog posts:

  1. Agendashift as Agile process
  2. Agendashift as coaching framework
  3. Agendashift as good strategy

Our events calendar now shows Agendashift facilitator days happening every month well into 2017. These 1-day workshops are a great way for practitioners and potential sponsors to experience the Transformation Mapping workshop in a learning environment.

The calendar is somewhat UK-centric at present but we are busy fixing that. Listed already are events planned in Hamburg in February (a 2-day event in which Agendashift combines with Okaloa’s Flowlab) and Oslo on April; thank you Susanne and Thorbjørn for hosting these. There are more like this in the pipeline, and get in touch if you’d like to host an event in your city.

Happy New Year!

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