Free preview: Read the introduction and first chapter of the forthcoming Agendashift book

[Update: The completed book is of course now available here]

It’s taking shape – Agendashift: clean conversations, coherent collaboration, continuous transformation.  Part 1 – “Facilitating the transformation process” – is due out by the summer [Update: it’s out now, at the above link]. Meanwhile, you can request a free PDF containing the introduction and first chapter, Discovery.


You’ll definitely want to read this book if any of these apply to you:

  • You’re dissatisfied (if that’s a strong enough word) with transformation approaches that seem either disrespectful or feeble
  • You’d like to see what a 21st century change management approach can look like, and how that might inform your work as coach, consultant, or some other kind of change agent
  • You’ve an interest – whether as a practitioner or potential sponsor – in Lean-Agile change (perhaps under the banner of “Agile transformation” or similar)
  • You’d love to see a model for Lean-Agile change that reflects Lean-Agile values and demonstrates Lean-Agile process and thinking in operation

Also, check out the related Resources page. Find out how to obtain:

  • Cue cards for our Clean Language game 15-Minute FOTO, a description of which is included in chapter 1 (the preview chapter)
  • The Agendashift values-based delivery assessment, described in chapter 2
  • Our white paper 6+1 Essential strategies for successful Lean-Agile transformation (referred to in chapter 3) and the related video Servant Leadership un-neutered
  • The Agendashift A3 template, referred to in chapter 4
  • Featureban, our Creative Commons-licensed simulation game (not referred to in the book, but it’s still great!)

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