Agendashift roundup, April 2017

In this edition: Limited free trial; Featureban 2.2; Cue cards; Book update; Lean-Agile Strategy Days, London (a joint 2-day workshop in June with Karl Scotland); Top posts

Limited free trial

Hiding in plain sight for a while but unannounced: now offers a free trial, allowing you to create your own Agendashift surveys for use with individuals or small groups. You’ll have access to the 18-prompt “mini edition” assessment template, which is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and Spanish.

Relative to the paid plan (the Agendashift partner programme), some limitations apply:

  • You won’t have access to the full 43-prompt Values-based delivery assessment template or its corresponding ‘pathway’ template
  • Neither will you have access to the offline assets (workshop materials, source files for things otherwise available only as PDFs, etc)
  • Your surveys will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants each
  • Your surveys will be filed under a single ‘Free trial’ context that you won’t be able to rename

Still, a good way to get a taste of what we’re about!

Featureban 2.2

I was over in Oslo last weekend for a private 1-day practitioner’s workshop (Friday) followed by a Featureban session at our host’s weekend offsite. It was an opportunity to test some changes and the updated deck is now available.

If you’re a registered Featureban user you will have the download link in your inbox already. If not, read the announcement for a description of the changes (and a special offer!), review the Featureban facilitation information and downloads page, and sign yourself up.

See also our resources page.

Cue cards

Talking of resources, and as mentioned in the March roundup, I’ve also updated the Clean Language cue cards for our game 15-minute FOTO. The blog post describing that change came too late but you can read it now:

Book update

Part 1 of the new Agendashift book is very close to completion, and it’s conceivable that it will be out on Leanpub before next month’s roundup. You can read a preview of the intro and chapter 1 meanwhile: request yours here.  Feel free to re-request your preview if you received yours earlier than April 22nd.

Lean-Agile Strategy Days, London (a joint 2-day workshop in June with Karl Scotland)

My next public workshop will be Lean-Agile Strategy Days, London, a 2-day event held jointly with Agendashift partner Karl Scotland. Karl has been one of my closest collaborators, and to say that I’m looking forward to this would be a massive understatement!

Karl has blogged about it (as will I, no doubt):

Top posts

This month:

Still going strong:

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