It’s here! Agendashift (part I) is published!

Part I of Agendashift: clean conversations, coherent collaboration, continuous transformation is available now on Leanpub in MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (iBooks, Google Books, and other e-readers), and PDF formats, also via Leanpub’s online reader. Buy it today and you’ll still have time to recommend it to your colleagues for the weekend 🙂

If you plan to read it on your iPad or iPhone, note that we have encountered a couple of formatting bugs specific to Kindle on the iOS platform and I’d recommend downloading the EPUB format and reading it in iBooks.

In celebration, we’re offering a discount on Lean-Agile Strategy Days, London (June 7th & 8th). For the next week, you can use the code BOOKLAUNCH for a discount of 10%. It just goes to show that launch codes can sometimes be used for good…

What next?

In the next week or two I’ll be sharing plans for Part II and some thoughts about next steps for Agendashift more broadly. To stay tuned, join our LinkedIn group and/or Slack community. Meanwhile, enjoy part 1!


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