Agendashift revision 4

As promised on Friday, revision 4 of the Agendashift book is now out. The same book, but with some polish:

  • An intro that’s much more explicit about what it’s all about, a much clearer distinction between delivery and transformation frameworks, and identifying up front Agendashift’s main elements (its activity flow, its Lean-Agile True North, the assessments, and the change leadership principles)
  • The poster, seen in full in the intro and excerpted at the top of each chapter
  • Summaries of key points at the end of each chapter
  • In chapter 1, Discovery, references to Remember the Future ( and The Future, Backwards
  • In chapter 2, Exploration, calling out more clearly the flows into later chapters
  • In chapter 3, Mapping, more about the orthogonality (without using that word) of the ‘spine’ or  ‘narrative arc’ of the map and priorities (see last week’s quick LinkedIn update / tweet for a taste)
  • In chapter 4, Elaboration, a reference to Solutions Focus

Moreover, all mentions of a part II have been removed – it stands alone as a 5-chapter book, running to about 150 pages in the PDF version (not a minibook, but still digestible).

This revision owes much to the comments of Steven Mackenzie, Allan Kelly, and Dieter Strasser and I’m very grateful to the three of them. I don’t mind admitting that I’m very pleased with it and I really don’t anticipate making significant further changes.

If you have bought the e-book already, you will receive notification from Leanpub that there is new version to download. If you don’t yet own a copy, get yours here:

There are PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats available. For iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) I would recommend EPUB for viewing in iBooks in preference to MOBI for Kindle –for reasons still not fully understood the formatting is noticeably better in the former.


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