If I could write my own job title…

A mid-month update, and a more personal one than usual.

If I could write my own job title, it would be something like this:

Director of continuous transformation (part time)

Let’s break that down a bit:

  • Director: I’ve held a number of mid to senior roles, including Executive Director and global development manager at a top-tier investment bank, CTO for a late-stage startup (getting its core business systems in shape for a successful merger that saw my MD take over as CEO of the combined business), and interim delivery manager (as Valtech associate) of two of the UK government digital ‘exemplar’ projects
  • Continuous transformation: I know how hard it is to sustain a meaningful rate of change in organisations, and it’s typically not best achieved through the naïve (or (worse) application of mainly bottom-up or top-down approaches. It needs attention both to outcomes (with agreement, something we’ve learned how to facilitate), and to the myriad ways that feedback and accountabilities operate inside organisations and across their boundaries. Relative to these, practices – Lean, Agile, Lean-Agile, or otherwise – is the easy bit.
  • Part time: For family reasons which I won’t detail here but which I’ve always been happy to explain to anyone who needs to know, I’ve been out of the market for high-commitment roles for the past couple of years. Happily, that situation is vastly and wonderfully improved. Meanwhile, I’ve used my time at home to build up Agendashift as a product and a community, and that is definitely not about to stop. I’m also grateful for the opportunities to speak and run workshops around the world; and whilst I’m getting increasingly selective, I hope that these continue too.

Of course I’m also a consultant and facilitator, so if even “part time” sounds like too much, I’m available in smaller chunks, down to as low as 1-day or 2-day workshops – see the feedback from my last public one here – and I do travel outside the UK and Europe.

If we’ve not yet met, note that I’m doing a webinar tomorrow, Thursday Feb 15th, 07:30 AM PST / 15:30 UKT / 16:30 CET/ 21:00 IST, courtesy of my friends at Digité. It’s called “Scrum and Kanban revisited” after my most popular blog post of last year, and it should be similarly punchy. Do join us!

We’ve also added some new workshops to the calendar:

One way or another, I hope to see you soon!

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