Agendashift roundup, April 2018

In this bumper edition: Out in print; Agendashift Studio; Our first online Lean Coffee; Been to America (see the video); Emergence, Fast and Slow; Upcoming; Top posts

Out in print

I hope that it hasn’t escaped your notice that the Agendashift book is now out in print. 120 copies were given to delegates at London Lean Kanban Days last week and it was great finally to hold a copy in my own hands!

People are telling me that it’s very timely: “imposed Agile” and “fake Agile” are taking their toll, and through Agendashift’s outcome-orientation and continuous transformation we can offer alternatives that are both practical – surprising perhaps for an approach that goes out of its way to avoid prescription, but it’s true – and positive.

Frustratingly, Amazon here in UK are quoting long delivery times on a book that purchasers in the US are already receiving! Please be patient – we’re working with the publishers to resolve this issue and I’m sure that everything will be straightened very soon. It is carried by other online booksellers, for example Waterstones and Barnes & Noble to name but two.

My annoyance with them aside, do please leave a review on your nearest Amazon when you get the chance. Thank you!

Find out more:

Agendashift Studio

London Lean Kanban Days also presented a fantastic opportunity to test a product idea I’ve had in mind for a while. At the end-of-conference charity auction, we raised £500 for Code Club International in bids for a 1-day “Agendashift Studio”, a workshop for up to 4 people at my studio office in Chesterfield, close to the Peak District National Park.

This inaugural event is already sold out, but if you’d be interested in coming to Derbyshire for an intimate 1 or 2-day event, with a flexible agenda based on the Core or Advanced Agendashift material, either for your colleagues (for a small team offsite, perhaps) or joining with a small group of other like-minded practitioners, do get in touch. I hope that we’ll be offering them on a regular basis before long. We’re based just 4 miles from edge of the National Park and 8 miles from Chatsworth; you could easily combine a workshop with other team activities or a short break.  Some of our initial party are already planning to do just that!

Our first online Lean Coffee

Last week we held our first online Lean Coffee. We’ll post the recording in the #leancoffee channel in the Agendashift Slack and in the Agendashift LinkedIn group shortly. Thank you Steven Mackenzie for facilitating.

Been to America (see the video)

I was kept very busy in my trip to Raleigh, NC, speaking on the evening of my arrival, then a lunchtime session, a conference talk, and then an Agendashift workshop. A big thank you again to my host, Kert Peterson for lining these up!

The lunch & learn session at Pendo was recorded – see it here:

Emergence, Fast and Slow

One of this month’s blog posts is already in the top 3 for the year. Give Emergence, Fast and Slow a read if you missed it first time round.


Only two public Agendashift workshops remaining until they restart in the autumn:


Top posts


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