Why a 3-day workshop?

In Brighton in October – the 9th-11th to be precise – I’ll be co-leading with Karl Scotland a special joint workshop: the Agendashift + X-Matrix Masterclass.

What is it, and why three days? Three reasons:

  • More depth: As already practiced in the 2-day Advanced Agendashift workshop, we love to create space both for underlying theory and for personal reflection on what it means to be an effective coach or leader, especially in the context of change and transformation.
  • More choice: One of the things people love about Agendashift is the quality and diversity of the of the models and tools we’ve integrated. Who’d have thought that Clean Language and Cynefin would go so well together? But for every model or tool included in our workshops and in the book, there are others we could have chosen. Karl has several!
  • More breadth: Agendashift as described in the book is mostly about transformation strategy – helping you approach organisational transformation based on a shared exploration of needs and (most especially) agreement on outcomes. But our highly participatory and fundamentally outcome-oriented approach has other applications, for example in leadership development, business strategy, and training in Lean-Agile methods.

X-Matrix more than deserves its brief mention in the book and its exercise in the Advanced workshop. In a spirit of “Core or better” (the “core” being well documented for Agendashift and the “better” determined by your context and what you have at your disposal) we’ll give it and some other complementary models and tools full prominence.

Do join us, and stay on for Lean Agile Brighton 2018 the next day! There’ll be at least three partners (Karl, myself, Jose) participating one way or another in the conference, and very likely more in attendance.

Super early bird pricing is available on a limited number of seats until the end of June and early bird until the end of July. We’re also happy to discount attendees of past workshops (you wouldn’t be the first person to attend more than one if that’s you), and employees of non-profits and public sector organisations.

masterclass 2x1.png

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