Agendashift roundup, October 2018

In this edition: Brighton; Right to Left; Featureban (DE); Other resources; Three public workshops still to come in Europe this year; 2019 Calendar; Top posts


I spent the second week of October in Brighton (UK’s hippest city, according to Wikipedia). Tuesday to Thursday was a joint 3-day masterclass with Karl Scotland, then on Friday I was the last speaker of the day at a brand new conference, Lean Agile Brighton.

By a country mile and already a top 5 post for the year, the transcript for my short (20-minute) talk is this month’s top post. Speaking last gave me a great opportunity to namecheck several other speakers, also one or two other collaborators and influencers that were in the audience.

If you missed it:

Right to Left

Monthly status check: 24,755 words and I’ve completed an initial draft of the 5th chapter of 6. With roughly half of chapter 4 deferred and an introduction still to write, I estimate that this first draft is approaching 70% complete. But before I continue to chapter 6, enough time has passed that I can look at the existing material with fresh eyes, and I’ve started on a round of revision.

Overview, with an initial cover design:

Featureban (DE)

Even without an official German language translation, our Kanban simulation game Featureban has been played quite a bit in Germany. And now there is one – thank you Tim Themann!

Go to the downloads section of the Featureban landing page to get your copy. Also available in English, French, Polish, Russian, Italian, and Spanish.

Other resources

I’ve substantially reworked Agendashift’s about page, which as well as a refresh of the text incorporates the new clickable Overview image and a link to the new Engagement model page.

Next I plan to bundle up what the Resources page refers to as “referenceable elements” such as the True North, Principles, and Done along with the old poster and the aforementioned Overview image into one convenient download. Each of these are single-slide (or single image) resources that are referenceable in the sense that they each have their own nice url, and are published under a Creative Commons with-attribution license to facilitate adaptations, translations, etc. I’ll do 16×10 format first and then A4 for those assets that would benefit most.

Work on Changeban 1.0 and Featureban 2.3 will begin after that.

Three public workshops still to come in Europe this year

Julia Wester deserves a special mention: she’s coming over from the US in December to lead a 1-day workshop Core Agendashift: Facilitating Outcome-Oriented Change in Munich, Germany, in a tie-up with DevOpsCon.

Before that, I’m doing a 1-day workshop in Brescia, Italy on November 9th (Friday next week) in conjunction with Italian Agile Day 2018 on the 10th, then a 2-day Advanced workshop in Berlin, Germany, 21-22 November, courtesy of my friends at Leanovate.

2019 Calendar

Nothing published yet, but expect to see a 2-day UK workshop in Q1, and (fingers crossed) appearances in the US, India, and mainland Europe. Also, expect Agendashift Studio workshops to take place roughly quarterly; these are cozy workshops for 3-4 participants at Agendashift HQ here in Chesterfield, UK, organised informally via the #agendashift-studio channel in Slack.

As always, if you’d like to see a workshop at a location convenient to you (whether public or private, and I’m doing the latter with increasing frequency), do please get in touch. Conference tie-ins work particularly well, making it double value for the trip for everyone involved.

Top posts


  1. Right to Left: a transcript of my Lean Agile Brighton talk
  2. 5 reasons to come to an Agendashift workshop
  3. Engagement: more than a two-way street (September)
  4. Dealing with internal contradictions – if they can’t both be true at the same time, then what?
  5. A small departure from the book (September)

A couple of Kanban-related classics also did particularly well this month:

  1. Scrum and Kanban revisited (August 2017)
  2. Introducing Kanban through its values (January 2013)

In case you’re new here, that second one is the career-changing post that led to my first book. Even though Kanban is now only a small part of what I do, it still has to be said that the rest wouldn’t have happened without it. Values got me to outcomes, and outcomes is what Agendashift and Right to Left are all about.

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