Making assessments more visible

Summer means programming, still a passion 🙂

Along with some bigger updates that are hidden for now, I released a minor change to the design of today.

Gone is the old navbar menu called ‘Context’, replaced by one called ‘Assessments’. The old name was uninviting and potentially confusing (“context menus” were already a thing). Hopefully, the new one – in that prime position on the left of the navbar –  suggests something that might actually be of interest to the casual visitor!

Here’s how it looks if you’re not signed in:

Screenshot 2019-07-23 15.31.20

Much more self-explanatory, and a call-to-action too!

For partners and trial users this menu is a key launching point. Here’s mine:

Screenshot 2019-07-23 15.20.52

How it works now:

  • ‘Activity’ is lit up to indicate that there is some recent activity (ie people responding to my surveys) that I haven’t reviewed yet.
  • ‘New survey…’ comes next. This is a fairly recent addition; previously surveys could only be created after visiting its containing context* – sensible enough from a data model point of view but hardly the pinnacle of usability!
  • After that come handy links to surveys that I’ve visited recently – the Spanish (ES) language version of the public survey and the surveys set as prework for the recent online workshops
  • ‘My contexts’, which takes you to a list of all your contexts, has been demoted. Originally the topmost menu item, now it’s “below the line”, heading a list of contexts that I’ve recently visited.

The help pages have of course been updated accordingly.

*It’s ancient history now but I just couldn’t bring myself to call it a ‘project’!

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