Agendashift roundup, November 2022

In this edition: My SEACON talk; Next week; Coming to Berlin; 15-minute FOTO in Danish; Allan Kelly’s Writing OKRs masterclass; Upcoming; Top posts

My SEACON talk

It was my first in-person conference talk since Covid and I was the first speaker up at SEACON Global 2022 Part 2 (there was a Part 1 earlier this year which I attended as a guest – thank you Barry Chandler!).

The recording is only 16 minutes long and if you watch to the end there’s a reward for being good 🙂

Channel link: SEACOM Global

Next week

Busy week next week! The first two sessions of Leading with Outcomes: Train-the-Trainer/Facilitator (TTT/F) take place on Monday and Tuesday evening UK time, the last two the same evenings the following week.

And on Thursday at 15:00 GMT, the first of our new monthly webinar series, The questions that drive us. We kick off with What if we put agreement on outcomes ahead of solutions? Expect a short presentation followed by an AMA (ask Mike anything) session. In January and February we’ll do How do we keep bringing outcomes to the foreground? and Where – and where else – could we be doing strategy? before cycling back to the first question. For that March session we’re joined from Australia by guests Stephen Dowling and friends.

Series link: The questions that drive us

Coming to Berlin

On the 7th and 8th of February I’ll be in Berlin for my first in-person Leading with Outcomes: Train-the-Trainer/Facilitator (TTT/F). My hosts Leanovate will put up a booking page in the new year; before then if you would like to register your interest just let me know.

15-minute FOTO in Danish

Johannes Klose Andersen has translated the cue card for our Clean Language-inspired coaching game 15-minute FOTO into Danish. Subscribe via that link and you’ll find a DK folder in the 15-minute FOTO Dropbox.

Allan Kelly’s Writing OKRs masterclass

You may remember that I wrote the foreword to Allan Kelly’s 2021 book Succeeding with OKRs in Agile: How to create & deliver objectives & key results for teams. On December 12th he’s doing a 2-hour masterclass Writing OKRs; coupon code Agendashift20 will get you 20% off. Enjoy!



  1. As mentioned above, there will be an in-person Leading with Outcomes: Train-the-Trainer/Facilitator in Berlin on February 7th and 8th, booking page to follow.
  2. The interactive version of Leading with Outcomes: Foundation now comprises three sessions of two and a half hours each (up from two hours, same pricing). The next one takes place in March.

Top posts


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  2. Your organisation in 5 networks


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