Sneak peek: more “early gains” than “getting there”?

Recall Agendashift’s default scoring scale:

  1. Barely started – little evidence, if any
  2. Early gains – sporadic evidence, not widespread or consistent
  3. Getting there – evident, but improvement or more consistency needed
  4. Nailing it, consistently – firmly established, widely and consistently evident

Would it surprise you to learn that the modal (single most popular) and median (middle) scores we’ve seen so far are both 2 (“Early gains”)?

Me? I’m not at all surprised. Regularly I poll audiences at conferences and meetups in places as diverse as Singapore and Nottingham (my hosts in the past week or so), and consistently I see more responses at the lower end of the scale. Claims of 4 (“Nailing it”) are rare indeed, and all of those that do claim it would say that they still have improvements to make. The answer to my talk’s rhetorical question “Are we there yet?” is a resounding no!

If you haven’t tried the Values-based delivery assessment, do so now! Just sign up for the Depth of Kanbanland 2015 survey and take a few minutes to to score your delivery process against its 44 prompts. If you are at all interested in improving service delivery and you have even just a passing awareness of Lean, Kanban or Agile, you are well qualified to try it and we think you’ll find it helpful.

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