Limited private beta testing of new private survey functionality

We’ll soon be doing some limited beta testing of new functionality that will let you create your own team-specific or class-specific contexts. From there you’ll be able to create surveys using the same values-based delivery template as seen in the the public survey Depth of Kanbanland 2015. Initially, access to these will be via non-guessable links that you share outside the tool to your intended participants.

As survey administrator you will be able to review individual responses but there isn’t yet any aggregate reporting other than some JSON intended for machine consumption. Completing this aspect is of course very high on the list.

Do get in touch if this or a subsequent iteration could be of use to you. Priority access will be given to those who have already completed an assessment via the original survey and volunteered feedback or ideas. A number of people have done so but it’s not too late to catch up if you’re not one of them!

More of what’s in store is outlined on the Account plans page. For the time being though, it’s all free 🙂

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