Agendashift Roundup, March 2016

I did the first (and only previous) Agendashift roundup way back in November, so there’s quite a lot of catching up to be done here. I’m in the process of setting up a mailing list also (a proper one with an unsubscribe option and everything), so don’t be too surprised to see a version of this show up in your inbox soon.


I’ll be with Avega Group in Stockholm on the 5th and (thanks to high demand) 6th of April, leading our 1-day training workshop under the title “Lasting Lean-Agile transformation” (not mine, but I like it). Note: Despite the Swedish description and my Swedish heritage, I’m afraid I’ll be working in English. Ursäkta mig!

Later in April I will be speaking at two events in London, both of which Agendashift is proud to sponsor:

Curious to know the connection between Servant Leadership and customer focus? Come and join us!

Note that though I don’t expect to be there in person, the espagendashift16 code applies to the San Diego summit in May too.

Survey results:

Since the last roundup, the 2015 Agendashift survey closed (written up on InfoQ here if you missed it) and a new and shorter one opened for 2016. We’ll be mailing participants separately explaining how to access the results but they should be easy enough to find if you want to log back in now.

Out and about:

  • In December I led a 1-day training workshop in Belfast as guest of the Lean practice at Invest NI, the regional economic development agency for Northern Ireland. We followed this up in January with Agendashift debrief workshops at four local companies, spending the best part of a day onsite at each.
  • Eight more training workshops, several one-to-one Agendashift coaching sessions, and more debrief workshops at clients of my Hivemind and Code Genesys partners.
  • A number of my beta-testing peers are doing good things with the Agendashift tools too; we hope to get some of this written up soon. Several improvement suggestions have been incorporated meanwhile.
  • I spoke at the Agile Derby meetup in February. Nice to do something in my home county for a change! One June 14th I’ll be a little further up the M1 for Agile Yorkshire.

Top blog posts:

  1. On not teaching PDCA
  2. Introducing Kanban through its values, three years on (
  3. Debriefing an Agendashift survey
  4. Using Agendashift as a coaching tool
  5. Action through values-based Servant Leadership

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