Agendashift roundup, April 2016

I was in London for two consecutive events this month as both speaker and sponsor, London Lean Kanban Days 2016 (slides here, video soon) followed by the inaugural Enterprise Services Planning Executive Summit. A number of delegates found the six strategies for Lean-Agile transformation part especially helpful, recognising several of the strategies and their respective pitfalls. We’ll be publishing a white paper on this topic soon – you can register your interest here if you want to be among the first to read it.

Not for the first time, we’ve received some very positive feedback from folks from outside of IT attending the 1-day Agendashift training workshop. Whether and how we choose to address specific new non-IT audiences remains an open question, but it is encouraging!

Stockholm (one of my favourite cities) was great of course. A big thank you to Avega Group and to Jussi Mäkelä for hosting two classes.

As mentioned last month in my post On not teaching PDCA, I have been using an A3 template for developing actionable organisational changes in the form of hypotheses, Lean Startup-style. I have now released the template under a Creative Commons license.


I’ll be returning to India next month for Agile Gurgaon 2016 and (we hope) a private 2-day Applied Servant Leadership workshop.

Out soon: I’ve recorded an interview with Tom Cagley for the Software Process and Measurement Cast (SPamCAST). I’ll let you know.

Featureban is getting a makeover! I’ve tested the new version already and there’ll soon be a recording of me presenting most of the slides at Agile:MK (as part of a talk). Just as I hoped when I open sourced it, a number of people have used Featureban as the basis for new simulation games. I hope to be able to spotlight some of these soon.

Top posts

  1. Slides for next week’s #llkd16 talk: Servant Leadership un-neutered (April)
  2. A3 template for hypothesis-driven change (April)
  3. What does the coin represent? (March)
  4. On not teaching PDCA (March)
  5. Featureban’s new home (2015)


Inexcusably, I have taken this long to inform participants of the 2015 Depth of Kanbanland survey that they can now explore the results. If you missed that boat, join the 2016 mini survey now!

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