Outcomes, alignment, and changes to our A3 template

Last week’s post Two new tools* and how I’m finding them useful has generated a lot of interest – after just six days it is already the 3rd most popular post of the year!

*Spoiler: Clean Language and the Cynefin Four Points Contextualisation exercise

One piece of detail I neglected to mention is a tweak I have made to the A3 template we use to guide people through the process of framing and developing their actions as hypothesis-driven changes. The header area at the top of the page has gained a new field: “Aligned to objective”.

It’s a chance to identify:

  1. a pre-existing high level objective to which this action aligns, or
  2. a summary outcome shared by this and other actions (a theme, if you like).

Better still, both at the same time – this is after all what alignment and strategy deployment [availagility.co.uk] are all about. Without alignment, so-called improvement can easily descend into just fixing stuff – interesting locally perhaps but unlikely to be important in the grand scheme of things.


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