The agenda and the shift: what Agendashift makes explicit

“Make your agenda for change explicit”. Well what does that mean?

Were we or one of our soon-to-be-revealed partners to take you through the process, here are the key things we will help you make explicit. Which of these are “agenda” and which are “shift” I’ll leave to your imagination – perhaps it depends on where you are now…


  • Problems, challenges, and objectives
  • Individual, team, and organisation
  • Outcomes #cleanlanguage
  • Change strategies #cynefin
  • Where we are now – the Agendashift values-based delivery assessment #lean-agile #kanban #values

Agreement on action areas

  • Their respective outcomes and change strategies #cleanlanguage #cynefin


  • Hypothesis #leanstartup #a3 #lean
  • Assumptions, dependencies, pilot experiments
  • Risks – upside as well as downside – and safety #cynefin
  • People

Organisation and follow-through

  • Visibility
  • Feedback loops
  • Accountabilities

Take out the Agendashift values-based delivery assessment and you still have a non-judgemental, agreement-driven, outcome-focussed, complexity-aware change management framework. With it, you have a uniquely values-based way to give focus and energy to your Lean-Agile transformation.

Think you could facilitate this yourself? Then get in touch – we’re launching next month and are accepting pre-launch partners now!

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