What we hope to learn from the 2016 Agendashift global survey

It has been running quietly all year, but I’d like to draw your attention to the 2016 Agendashift global survey.

Last year’s was our first, and we published the results in this InfoQ article: Q&A on Agendashift with Mike Burrows. Quite a bit has changed since then:

  • The prompts have been refined through collaboration (a process that continues), making them easier to understand and score
  • We now have a “mini” assessment (thank you Patrick for the idea) that doesn’t take long to complete
  • We’ve reduced friction by not requiring names and email addresses from participants (we still ask you, but you can leave them blank)

To that last point, let me describe what we hope to do with the data and why it might be valuable to make yourself known to us.

Our plan is to examine the correlations between scores at prompt and category level. For example, is the prompt “We can see which work items are blocked and for what reason” a strong predictor of combined scores in the most obvious categories (Transparency and Flow) and in other places (Customer focus perhaps)?

There’s some basic analysis to be done – ie calculating the correlations – then there’s what we can learn from followups with participants. Without followup, we’ll never know if the correlation signifies a causal relationship. Which interventions tend to drive progress overall? Which were just the result of playing catch up?

We might get enough data to do some cluster analysis too. Are there different patterns in the data, each representing different kinds of organisation or different transformation strategies? I’ve no doubt that we could find such clusters, but will they be meaningful? We can theorise as much as we like, but without followup we won’t know.

So… do please take part, and share widely. By all means participate anonymously if you prefer, but understand also the potential value of engaging with us fully in this project. It could be awesome!

The link again: agendashift.com/2016. It will run until the end of this year, results and analysis to be published early next.

Thank you,

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