Agendashift roundup, October 2016

This month: Agendashift facilitator days; Private classes and workshops; inclusive • contextual • fulfilling • open; Upcoming events; Top posts

Agendashift facilitator days

We’re excited to announce the first two of what I hope will be many Agendashift facilitator days, to be held in Leeds and London on December 5th and January 19th respectively. They’re a chance to experience, practice, and explore the main elements of the Agendashift debrief/action workshop from the perspective of both participant and facilitator.

Book a place at the Leeds workshop [eventbrite] for just £265 (plus VAT where applicable) or register interest for the London workshop. Existing Agendashift partners get a £50 discount, and any attendees who subsequently join the partner programme will then receive the equivalent benefit.

If neither of these dates or locations work for you, get in touch anyway. I’m particularly keen to hear from anyone who’d like the opportunity to host such an event, whether in other parts of the UK or abroad.

Private classes and workshops

It has been a while since I have mentioned private training and workshops. After a summer spent launching Agendashift it will be good to get back in the saddle! My 1-day training Kanban and Lean-Agile essentials with Agendashift and the aforementioned Agendashift debrief/action workshop complement each other well; so well in fact that I offer the two together as a package.

There is leadership training on offer as well. Be aware that I plan to rework this around the “6+1 strategies” of our white paper, combining Servant Leadership with Lean-Agile transformation even more explicitly than is apparent from the current class description.

inclusive • contextual • fulfilling • open

One thing I never fail to celebrate is our Slack community! One particularly intense conversation last week really helped to crystallise things for us. Read the blog post that summarises what we believe brings us together:  inclusive • contextual • fulfilling • open.

Upcoming events

See also our new online events calendar, where we also feature events supported our partners.

Top posts

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