Agendashift roundup, November 2016

I’m in Paris next week, so a little earlier this month! In this edition: Agendashift facilitator days; The 2016 survey; Øredev conference talks; A PhD study on Agile retrospectives; Upcoming events; Top posts

Agendashift facilitator days

The Leeds workshop on December 5th is only a week and bit away! If you’re a current or potential Agendashift partner wanting to practice some new workshop facilitation skills or you’d like to see what Agendashift might mean for your company, this is an ideal opportunity. Book your place [eventbrite] for just £265 (plus VAT where applicable). Existing Agendashift partners get a £50 discount, and any attendees who subsequently join the partner programme will then receive the equivalent benefit.

If the Leeds workshop seems too soon or inaccessible, there’s another one in London on January 19th. Register here; same discounts apply.

Watch this space for news of workshops in other locations. Hamburg early next year seems likely, and perhaps one in Scandinavia not long after. Do you think we should run one elsewhere? Get in touch!

The 2016 survey

Just a quick mention of the 2016 Agendashift global survey. If you haven’t participated, please do! See also What we hope to learn from the 2016 Agendashift global survey.

Øredev conference talks

Again, just a quick mention of something you may have missed: the videos from both my talks at Øredev earlier this month. Watch them here: Scaling without cross-functional teams / Servant leadership un-neutered.

A PhD study on Agile retrospectives

This is on behalf the University of Central Lancashire, the people who run Agile North (a conference that has been very good to me over the years). One of their PhD students is conducting a research study on Agile retrospectives and is keen to make contact with Agile teams. If you think you might be able to help, please let me know and I will introduce you.

Upcoming events

See also our new online events calendar, where we also feature events supported our partners.

Top posts

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