Agendashift roundup, January 2017

In this edition: Agendashift facilitator days; Clean Language cue cards; Progress on the new book; Upcoming events; Top posts

Agendashift facilitator days

We held the second of these practitioner workshops this month, it was sold out well in advance, and I’m very happy with the new structure (described here: Lean-Agile transformation as Lean-Agile process). Some great feedback too! This one – about the very first of these workshops – made my day:

Looking back to the Agendashift day in Leeds a few weeks ago, it has been incredibly helpful to me in my professional development
– EB, Scrum Master & coach

See the upcoming events section below for dates of workshops in HamburgManchester, Edinburgh, Oslo, and Bristol. Don’t see one near you ? Want one in-house? Get in touch.

The Hamburg event (next week) is a 2-day combined Flowlab & Agendashift workshop. There is only one ticket left, so grab your place while you still can! Most of the later workshops have early bird pricing available too so there’s every reason to book early.

Clean Language cue cards

Clean Language has been a huge influence on Agendashift, helping us deliver on our promise of transformation based not on the imposition of practices but on the genuine search for agreement on goals, opportunities, and outcomes.

Here’s a group (one of several) at the Agile Derby meetup this month using our Clean Language cue cards:


These cards have proved themselves very helpful to everyone playing the ‘coach’ role in our outcomes game. I had a hundred of these printed on A5 card just a couple of weeks ago and I’m nearly out already! You can print your own – just drop me a line and I will gladly send you the PDF.

These cards show only a small subset of what Clean Language has to offer. In the hope that that they pique your interest, let me recommend these books (in the order I read them):

  • The Five Minute Coach: Improve Performance Rapidly
    Lynne Cooper & Mariette Castellino (2012)
  • Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds
    Wendy Sullivan & Judy Rees (2008)
  • From Contempt to Curiosity: Creating the Conditions for Groups to Collaborate Using Clean Language and Systemic Modelling
    Caitlin Walker (2014)

Progress on the new book

I’m currently working on chapter 3 (Mapping) of a 5-chapter Part 1. I’m hopeful that Chapter 1 (Discovery) can be released as a free preview in the next few weeks. All being well, I’ll be able to release part 1 electronically by the summer before full publication with a 6-chapter part 2 later in the year.

If you’re not already on the Agendashift mailing list and would like to receive updates, let me know.

Upcoming events featuring Agendashift partners

Top posts

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