Reflections on the Manchester facilitator day

March 23rd saw another public Agendashift facilitator day, the practitioner-focused version of the Transformation mapping workshop. Each time we knock off a rough corner or two, remove some unnecessary words, and make the overall process clearer. Observations in session order:

0. Intro

1. Discovery

  • Participant and former colleague Imran Younis noticed an interesting parallel with this session – focused on strategic goals, obstacles and outcomes – and the game Hero’s Journey []. This game is new to me; Imran has used it to good effect in product discovery workshops.

2. Exploration

  • I mentioned a planned update to the 15-minute FOTO cue cards (pictured below). We’ll be adding add a sixth question “Is there a relationship between X and Y?”, encouraging exploration of the relationships between the outcomes of Exploration and the goals of Discovery. Is the one a milestone to the other, just a distraction, or is the relationships not yet understood? Watch this space for an announcement about the new cards.


3. Mapping

  • Faster mapping, thanks in part to the recent New feature: cross-referencing prompts across templates, also to the advice to prioritise “ruthlessly”
  • A very nice transformation map produced (below). Notice the generated “thematic outcomes” above the original, predefined headings. If preferred, the former could replace the latter.

Transformation map


  • Notice the group making reference not just to the transformation map but also the output from the Cynefin Four Points exercise (from Exploration). We’ve made the step of generating options much more explicit, thank you Karl Scotland. Trying that for the first time it makes sense to choose outcomes most amenable to exploratory approaches. “The right tool for the job” and all that…


5. Operation

  • Visual management with Kanban – Lean Startup style. See how the Venn diagram on the left explains the board design on the right? Almost certainly not an original thought (in fact I’m pretty sure it’s by design), but it’s nice when you spot a connection like that.

Screenshot 2017-03-24 19.00.06

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