Agendashift roundup, March 2017

In this edition: A little spring cleaning; Continuous transformation and 21st century thinking; An update to our Clean Language cue cards; Returning to India! ; Upcoming events; Top posts

A little spring cleaning

Spring is in the air here in beautiful Derbyshire! It’s also six months since launch, and it seems a good time for some spring cleaning. First order of the day: renaming the Agendashift facilitator day to the Agendashift practitioner’s workshop. Not a dramatic change, but it does more clearly reflect 1) the typical audience, and 2) the fact that it’s a hands-on workshop and not some other kind of event. We have two public workshops coming up in late April – Oslo (24th) and Bristol (27th)  – and we’ve updated both their titles and their descriptions. Check them out!

I’m also leading some private workshops in the next few weeks, two of them abroad. These come in two flavours: the practitioner’s workshop (essentially the same as the public workshop but with the advantage of some shared context), and the Agendashift transformation mapping workshop, aimed at client organisations. The former is mainly for coaches, consultants, and managers; at the latter we’ve had everyone from C-suite execs down to new joiners (diverse is good, by the way).

We may in due course rename the partner programme also. I’ve been soliciting the input of existing partners; overall we think the name describes the relationship well but there is the nagging concern that it may suggest a level of difficulty or cost that may cause some to be deterred quite unnecessarily.

Continuous transformation and 21st century thinking

The blog and by extension the LinkedIn group have been particularly active in recent weeks – helping ideas to crystallise before they find their way into the book – so do please make a point of reviewing this month’s highlights towards the end of this roundup. I’m very encouraged by the response so far. Long story short: 20th century prescriptions have had their day, and even the Lean and Agile communities need to take notice.

An update to our Clean Language cue cards

I’ve reached out to everyone who has requested the PDF for the Clean Language cue cards we use in our 15-minute FOTO game (FOTO standing for From Obstacles to Outcomes) and as described in my new book’s preview chapter. Soon there’ll be a blog post describing both the recent update and the role Clean Language fulfills in Agendashift; meanwhile to obtain either or both of these free resources just drop me a line.

Returning to India!

I’m thrilled to be invited back to India this autumn. If you’d be interested in attending an Agendashift practitioner’s workshop in Bangalore in September (immediately before or after Lean Kanban India), do please let me know. Let’s make this happen!

Upcoming events featuring Agendashift partners

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