Online and offline, the Agendashift unbenchmarking report

Online first. Here’s the unbenchmarking report as a simple single page app (SPA). Instead of fiddling about with sort orders in the old ‘charts’ view, this is facilitator-friendly, taking you through survey results in the same tried-and-documented sequence that we use in our workshops. You can even page through it with your clicker!

unbenchmarking animated

For offline purposes, it prints nicely to A4 and (as of our next deployment) US Letter. Here’s a sample as a 14-page PDF download:

Note: This isn’t quite the full report. I’ve taken the full-sized 43-prompt original edition survey taken as prework for the recent Lean-Agile Strategy Days workshop and applied the 18-prompt mini edition template to it. The latter has one prompt (3.3) not included in the original survey, which is why it shows no scores.

The sections titled Complete survey results, original order and Complete survey results, pathway order are specifically designed for printing, optimised for the 43-prompt template (explaining the large amounts of white space in the sample). We find that paper copies of these two sections are invaluable when prioritising prompts and producing transformation maps (respectively).


Please note that the unbenchmarking report is currently available only in English. If you’d like to receive or facilitate one in another language, please let us know.

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