Revisions to the book and cue cards

Today I’m simultaneously releasing revisions to:

  1. The Agendashift book (part I published on Leanpub in May)
  2. The printable cue card for the 15-minute FOTO game, available from the Agendashift Resources page

If you’ve purchased the book and registered for updates (most readers have), you’ll be notified and reminded to download the new version. If you’ve requested the preview chapter or cue cards from me in the past, I’ll send you download links.

The changes

  • I’ve incorporated a seventh Clean Language question, “What is happening when X?”, impacting both the book and the cue cards
  • Chapter 1’s Behind the scenes now includes a True North section – as anticipated by the blog post A True North for Lean-Agile?
  • Lots of edits to the intro and Chapter 1 made in the interests of readability

To that last point, do please give feedback. Readability is key! If anything doesn’t flow as well as it should, let me know.

Grab your copy

If you’ve requested downloads previously you should be updated automatically in the next few hours.

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