Out today: Agendashift (part I) revision 3

Over the past few weeks I’ve published on a fortnightly basis three quick revisions of the Agendashift book. I did (and still do) consider it finished, but refinement is always possible and I have been soliciting feedback actively. Thank you Dragan Jojic, Kert Peterson, and Philippe Guenet for your recent comments – most helpful.

A quick run-down of recent changes, many many of them anticipated here on the blog:

If you have bought the e-book already, you’ll be notified that there’s a new version to download. If you haven’t, get your copy here:

There are PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats available. For iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) I would recommend EPUB for viewing in iBooks in preference to MOBI for Kindle – we are experiencing formatting issues on the Kindle for iOS platform. Other platform combinations are unaffected as far as we know.


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