Agendashift roundup, September 2017

In this edition: Launch anniversary; India trip; Public workshops; Speaking; Top posts

Launch anniversary

As mentioned in last month’s roundup, September 14th was the first anniversary of our public launch. Here’s the post made on the day:

Since the 14th we’ve added Switzerland to the list of countries represented by our partners, and additional partners in the UK and Austria. In the next few days we’ll add Ukraine and Australia too. That’s every continent now except Antarctica!

India trip

This month I made by fourth trip to India, and definitely my most enjoyable and productive trip of all. While there I published the slides for my keynote at Lean Kanban India 2017:

Also a blog post about communication and scaling:

With Patrick Steyaert we ran a 2-day workshop covering both Flowlab and Agendashift. Among the participants were 4 Agendashift partners (Irshad NizamiSanjay KumarAlper Tonga and of course Patrick). The Flowlab day was stimulating, and the Agendashift day gets better with every iteration.

In October our hosts Innovation Roots are kindly hosting a webinar in which I’ll walk through the Agendashift workshop via the outputs we produced. Sign up here:

Public workshops

  • 8th November, Cape Town, South Africa: Agendashift practitioner’s workshop
    Quite possibly the first full Agendashift workshop to take place in the Southern Hemisphere, and it’s happening before the regional Scrum Gathering on the 9th and 10th, at which I’m a keynote speaker.
  • 22nd & 23rd November, London: Lean-Agile Strategy Days London (II)
    Not a repeat because we’ve improved it! This is Karl Scotland and I joining forces again for two days of Agendashift and Lean Strategy Deployment goodness.

I’ve moved the Cape Town event from the Eventbrite ticketing platform to Goeventz, which allows it to be priced in ZAR (previously USD).

If you’re an Agendashift partner or plan to become one, discounts apply. We’re also happy to discount generously for employees in the government, education, and non-profit/charitable sectors.

Don’t see an event in your part of the world (here, or in our Events calendar)? Then help us organise one! Not only are we happy to cooperate on a commercial basis, we’re tweaking the corporate partner model to make sure that your efforts can be properly recognised.


UK, South Africa, and France:

Top posts

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