We’ve open-sourced ‘15-minute FOTO’

For some time we’ve made available the PDF for the cue card for our Clean Language-inspired coaching game 15-minute FOTO. The game is an essential part of our workshops and also one of the most memorable, and we’re delighted to release it now under a Creative Commons with-attribution licence to enable its wider use and to encourage adaptations (very well demonstrated by Featureban since its creation in 2014).

What is it? FOTO stands for “From Obstacles to Outcomes”, and you have 15 minutes in which to generate a decent number of them, using only the questions on the cue card. An example of “generative over prescriptive” if you like.

Head over to its own landing page www.agendashift.com/15-minute-foto and you’ll find:

  • PDFs for the deck and the cue card for direct download
  • How to obtain the original .pptx source files
  • Facilitation tips
  • A link to a video that includes me facilitating the game for a meetup of about 80 people
  • Links to recommended reading on Clean Language and other Agendashift-related topics – not least the Agendashift book which introduces the game in chapter 1.

I’m indebted to Andrea Chiou for her help over the months in integrating Clean Language into Agendashift and for the work she has put in more recently to put this deck together. Thank you Andrea!

Screenshot 2017-04-03 18.09.15

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