Agendashift roundup, October 2017

In this edition: Workshops; 15-minute FOTO; Revision 4 of the book; Interviewed for the LAMP podcast (video); Because every framework needs a poster…; Speaking; Top posts


Last week I did a webinar hosted by Innovation Roots, a tour through the artifacts generated at the recent workshop in Bengaluru, India. Watch this space for a recording.

Next week’s workshop in Cape Town is nearly sold out – at the time of writing there is just 1 ticket remaining.

After that comes my joint 2-day workshop with Karl Scotland, London Lean-Agile Strategy Days (II) on the 22nd and 23rd. Early bird pricing expires on the 8th.

15-minute FOTO

Our Clean Language-inspired coaching game ‘15-minute FOTO’ is now open source. See:

For the uninitiated, FOTO stands for “From Obstacles to Outcomes”, and the game gives you 15 minutes in which to generate a decent number of them, using only the questions on the Clean Language cue card. An example of “generative over prescriptive” if you like. Described in chapter 1 of the book.

Many thanks to Andrea Chiou for her considerable support in this.

Revision 4 of the book

Talking of the book, it has now stabilised at revision 4. See:

Interviewed for the LAMP podcast (video)

A couple of weeks ago I spent a very enjoyable 45 minutes being interviewed by Dima Moroz at Kanbanize for the fifth episode of the LAMP podcast. See it here:

Because every framework needs a poster…

As featured in our new About page, there is now an Agendashift poster, and it’s downloadable via our Resources page.


UK, South Africa, and France:

Top posts

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