Just in, this awesome client endorsement

Matt Turner – a member of our partner programme – was in touch this week with this awesome client endorsement from Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC to its friends). Reproduced with the permission of all concerned:

With the guidance of Agendashift partner Matt Turner, we have employed a number of the Agendashift resources to help understand how our ongoing Digital Transformation work is advancing, from the perspective of the teams delivering the work. We have used the online assessment as an indicator of progress and maturity, enabling us to “temperature check” delivery capability at team level and aggregated across the whole of IT. The outputs have influenced changes in team practice, goal setting and stakeholder support & involvement. We have used Agendashift workshop exercises to explore individual and team perspectives before we begin complex pieces of work in order to gain a level of coherence and cohesion in groups before embarking on what would otherwise be risk-laden activities.

Phil Welch, Head of IT, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

A little bit of context: The SMBC Digital by Design Programme has already won the 2017 Granicus Digital Achievement Awards, and have also been named as finalists in the LDC Digital Council of the year awards under the following categories; Business Transformation, Driving Efficiency through Technology, and the coveted Digital Council of the Year.

There’s plenty to be pleased about here, in particular the importance given to the perspective of the teams and the “coherence and cohesion” (their words) that follows when you start with agreement on outcomes instead of the more usual prescription of solutions. Of course we’ve known this for some time, but it’s gratifying indeed to see such a public demonstration of Agendashift’s transferability and broad applicability. And well done Matt!

About Matt Turner

In his own words: “I have been practicing Kanban since 2010, working predominantly with IT Service Management and Operations teams. Over recent years this has extended through other professional and business service teams within Higher Education and Local Government for whom Agendashift has proven extremely helpful.”

About Agendashift

We are champions and enablers of outcome-oriented change. By building agreement on outcomes we facilitate rapid, experiment-based evolution of process, practice, and organisation. Agendashift avoids the self‑defeating prescription of Lean and Agile techniques in isolation; instead we help you keep your vision and strategy aligned with a culture of co‑creation and continuous transformation. More…

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