Agendashift roundup, November 2017

In this edition: Workshops; 15-minute FOTO; Back to Scrum; Speaking; Top posts


This month I facilitated two public Agendashift workshops. The first was in Cape Town which I was visiting for the first time as the opening keynote speaker at the Regional Scrum Gathering (great event!). The day after the workshop I published some of the artifacts it produced:

Last week was London Lean-Agile Strategy Days (II), a return of the two-day workshop I co-facilitate with Karl Scotland. We switched things around this time, putting the Agendashift day first (just jumping right in as I normally would), then a day from Karl on Strategy Deployment. It works much better this way round, and it’s in keeping with changes we’re making to the Agendashift workshops too.

We’re not quite ready to announce those changes properly yet, but you can get a taste by taking a look at the Agendashift home page. Three workshops instead of two, and some renaming and rescoping that we’ll explain in due course.

We will soon have workshop dates in the US – definitely one (probably April 4th) and possibly two – and likely Germany, the new 2-day workshop we think. Watch this space for news on both! If you want to see one near you (public or private), get in touch.

15-minute FOTO

Recent workshops have given us good opportunity to test and iterate on our coaching game ’15-minute FOTO’ that we recently open sourced (see last month’s announcement). We’re now at version 3 of the deck; if you’d like access to this just let me know. Apologies, a month of travel means I haven’t been able to push updates out yet (but I will).


Back to Scrum

December’s traditional review of the year’s most-read blog posts will include at least two on Scrum, including one from this month that has already reached the top 5 for the year. This new post was prompted by the release of the latest Scrum Guide:


France and USA:

I’ll take this opportunity to mention that Agendashift partner Philippe Guenet has launched a new Lean IT meetup in London. Karl and I spoke at the inaugural meeting last week. Networking afterwards lasted until late into the evening; congrats to Philippe for assembling such a great crowd!

Top posts

Not quite so successful, me doing some of my thinking out loud (the process and the resulting feedback helps):

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