Agendashift as leadership development

Not everyone who attends our 1-day practitioner (now “Core“) workshops has been a coach or consultant. A significant proportion have held positions of responsibility within  organisations of all kinds, technology-centric or otherwise. For workshops held privately, that can mean everyone in the room!

We’re now able to take this to another level,  offering an Advanced Agendashift workshop that not only gives participants the opportunity to practice some important transformation-related skills, it goes on to help them explore, reflect on, and grow their understanding of the (overlapping) roles of coach and leader. It is Lean-Agile leadership development of a much deeper kind than you’ll get from studying a process framework or attending a bootcamp. My goal is to get it onto the leadership development curriculum of at least one major organisation this year. Yours (or your client’s) perhaps?

Readers of this blog will recognise the 5-part structure below. Everything shown here in italics is specific to the Advanced workshop; the remainder is Core (so no, you needn’t have attended a Core workshop previously):

  1. Discovery: Describing where we would like to get to
    • Exploring organisational context, objectives, obstacles, and outcomes
    • Plan on a page
    • Culture, values, and Systems Thinking
  2. Exploration: Prospecting for opportunities
    • Mission, purpose, and identity
    • Organisational self-awareness and empathy
    • Debriefing your Agendashift delivery assessment
    • Generating outcomes
    • Exploring different approaches
    • Understanding and supporting the learning process
  3. Mapping: Building a visual transformation plan
    • Transformation mapping
    • Strategy model reconciliations
    • Other mapping tools
  4. Elaboration: Framing actions, testing our thinking
    • Changeban: a Lean Startup flavoured variant of Featureban, our popular simulation game
    • Creating options, framing hypotheses, developing experiments
    • Cross-checking your experiment design
    • Authenticity: stories, requirements, and needs
  5. Operation: Change as real work
    • Operating continuous transformation
    • Organising for alignment, follow-through, and mutual accountability
    • The Agendashift adaptability assessment and followups

We now have two UK dates in the calendar:

  • 6-7 February, Leeds (early bird expires on January 16th, a week from today)
  • 22-23 May, Cardiff

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding locations in Europe and further afield. Wherever you are, I’m particularly keen to explore opportunities to hold these workshops internally, on my own or with partners.

Partners have already reviewed the new material over video, and some will no doubt be planning to use all or part of it with their clients. The way it is built around the Core material means that even those who don’t expect to use it anytime soon have additional resources to fall back on should the need or opportunity arise.

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