About that New Year strategy workshop…

Happy New Year! In lieu of the December roundup some seasonal updates: strategy workshops; website changes; top blog posts of 2017.

Strategy workshops

It’s the New Year: fresh starts, new beginnings, strategy workshops! We have three transformation strategy workshops to choose from:

  1. Core Agendashift: Facilitating Outcome-Oriented Change – the 1-day introduction to outcome-oriented change, a practitioner-focused version of the Applied workshop. Hold this one in-house if you have consultants, coaches, and others with change responsibility (managers included) on your staff.
  2. Applied Agendashift: Co-Creating Your Transformation Strategy – the same Core material, but focused on your organisation and its transformation. We’ve had all kinds of participants – new joiners sat next to C-suite leaders, for example. Usually an intense 1-day workshop, but it can be shortened or done in smaller chunks over a period as part of a longer engagement. For obvious reasons, this one is only ever run privately.
  3. Advanced Agendashift: Coaching and Leading Continuous Transformation  – We’re very excited about this one, running our first public 2-day workshop early next month. “Transformation strategy as leadership development” is a good way to think about this one.

Get in touch with us or one of our partners if you’d like to explore these further, or if you’d like to become a partner yourself so that you can offer them to your clients.

There are currently three public workshops in the calendar with more to be added soon:

In lieu of the December roundup, a couple of seasonal updates: website changes and top blog posts of 2017.

Website changes

We used the break to give the website a lick of paint. As well as making the place generally more inviting, we have:

  • Made room on a simplified home page for our first wave of corporate partners – companies who have multiple individual practitioner partners or who have generated Agendashift-related business for other partners
  • Consolidated multiple pages onto single pages for workshops and assessments
Screenshot 2017-12-29 12.41.18

Top blog posts of 2017

Spread nicely over the year:

  1. Scrum and Kanban revisited (August)
  2. Lean-Agile transformation as Lean-Agile process (January)
  3. We’ve open-sourced ‘15-minute FOTO’ (October)
  4. How I read the Scrum Guide (November)
  5. Why Agile needs some 21st century Lean thinking (March)
  6. Featureban 2.0 (June)
  7. A True North for Lean-Agile? (May)
  8. Free preview: Read the introduction and first chapter of the forthcoming Agendashift book (February)
  9. Agendashift in 5 principles (July)
  10. Agile and Lean are just toolkits, right? (October)

We are champions and enablers of outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation. Building from agreement on outcomes, Agendashift facilitates rapid, experiment-based evolution of process, practice, and organisation. Instead of Lean and Agile by imposition – contradictory and ultimately self-defeating – we help you keep your business vision and transformation strategy aligned with and energised by a culture of meaningful participation. More…


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