Agendashift roundup, January 2018

In this edition: The latest on the book and related Agendashift resources; Director of Continuous Transformation; Workshops; Inverting the pyramid; Top posts

The latest on the book and related Agendashift resources

I’ve done a final revision on the Leanpub edition of the book in preparation for print publication in April. The most substantial changes are to the final chapter (more on this in “Inverting the pyramid” below), also:

If you’re a registered user of any of these resources you’ll be contacted in the next few days with the download link for the new versions. If you don’t have them or you can’t wait that long, get in touch.

Director of Continuous Transformation

Over in the Agendashift Slack we’ve had some fun over the past few days discussing ideal job titles in the #coaching channel. As it happens, I have sufficient capacity now to declare for real that I’d love the title “Director of Continuous Transformation (part-time)”. If I could help bolster your leadership team or internal coaching team on a part-time basis, let’s talk. Will travel (within reason).


It’s the Leeds Advanced workshop next week and there are a couple of places left if you’re quick. Workshops in the US and Germany (April and May) are yet to be listed – please contact (respectively) partners Kert Peterson or Mike Leber about those; after that it’s Cardiff in late May.

See also: Agendashift as leadership development

As ever, shout if you would like a public or private workshop somewhere near you, and there are more events listed in our events calendar.

Inverting the pyramid

Chapter 5 has gained a new figure:

The inverted pyramid, Agendashift-style

All is revealed in yesterday’s blog post Inverting the pyramid, start-with-what-you-do-now style. Also, I’ll be speaking on this topic at London Lean Kanban Days 2018 (23-24 April) – see you there!

Top posts

Inverting the pyramid post came too late in the month to make the shortlist. This month’s winner is 5 years old, a classic restored from my old blog:

  1. Introducing Kanban through its values (January 2013!)
  2. Two more Agendashift resources are now Creative Commons
  3. Agendashift as leadership development
  4. Reading Peter Block
  5. Scrum and Kanban revisited (August)

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