Agendashift roundup, December 2018

In this pre-Christmas edition: India (and webinar); Being Human; Right to Left (with a plea for help); Celebration-5W; Top posts

But first, let me thank you for your support through 2018 and wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2019. If you are taking a break for Christmas, have a good one! I will try to keep this short 🙂

India (and webinar)

There’s still time to book places at one of my two Agendashift workshops in India mid next month. Details under ‘Upcoming public workshops’ near the bottom of this post or see last month’s announcement:

As part of our preparations, I’ll be doing a webinar with my hosts Innovation Roots on Monday, January 7th at 11am UK time, noon CET, 16:30 IST:

Being Human

Another podcast interview this month, this time an extended conversation with my friend and Being Human host Richard Atherton. Here:

Right to Left (with a plea for help)

The monthly progress check on my forthcoming book Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile:

  • 30,317 words
  • Five out of the six chapters written, four of those reviewed, and one out for review today

The plea for help: For chapter 1 (which introduces Lean), I’d really like to visit a manufacturer of power tools. If through your network you could help make that happen I’d be eternally grateful!


Announced this month:

Top posts

Early in the new year I’ll list the top posts for the whole of 2018.

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Upcoming public Agendashift workshops (India*2, UK, Netherlands):

Also: Channel #agendashift-studio in the Agendashift Slack if interested in a cozy workshop at Agendashift HQ (Derbyshire, England).

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