The Agendashift blog’s top posts of 2018

It’s hard to predict how any given post will perform, but I’m pretty happy with how these have come out, not least because they seem to bode well for my 2019 book, Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile. Two lists, starting with posts published in 2018:

  1. My handy, referenceable Definition of Done (May)
  2. ‘Right to Left’ works for Scrum too (July)
  3. Right to Left: a transcript of my Lean Agile Brighton talk (October)
  4. Engagement: more than a two-way street (September)
  5. Understanding Lean-Agile, right to left (May)
  6. Changeban has reached version 1.0 (November)
  7. How the Leader-Leader model turns Commander’s Intent upside down (March)
  8. A small departure from the book (September)
  9. You can’t deliver a task (August)
  10. My kind of Agile (November)

And some perennial favourites published pre 2018:

  1. Introducing Kanban through its values (January 2013)
  2. Featureban 2.0 (June 2016)
  3. Better user stories start with authentic situations of need (October 2016)
  4. Scrum and Kanban revisited (August 2017)
  5. STATIK, Kanban’s hidden gem (March 2014)

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