Agendashift roundup, April 2019

In this edition: Right to Left; London workshop; Open Leadership Symposium (Boston) & online workshops; Top posts; Upcoming workshops – Boston, Berlin, Oslo, and Stockholm

Right to Left

I’m thrilled to announce that the completed manuscript for Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile is now with the publishers. Fingers crossed it will be available for preorder early-mid June and for purchase by the end of that month. This one was 11 months in the making, and work started immediately after Agendashift; I have to say that it feels a little weird not to have a big writing project on the go any more!

As you can see from the updated cover image below, Right to Left has a foreword by John Buck, the co-author of two of the books I reference:

John describes my book as “emerging on his [ie my] focus on the needs of actual and aspiring leaders”, who should “be prepared to have some of their favourite mental models delightfully upended”. Thank you John! I predict that this “updending” will be experienced by more than a few practitioners too 🙂

cover-right-to-left-2019-04-26.001 border

London workshop

Lots of positives from the London workshop earlier this month! Highlights:

  • Mike Haber’s template for Celebration-5W is a keeper
  • The updates to the 15-minute FOTO cue card are now official (in fact the Dropbox has a more polished version contributed by Agendashift partner Steven Mackenzie)
  • Also by Steven, we’ll be announcing a video for the Changeban game shortly

Open Leadership Symposium (Boston) & online workshops

A final reminder that I’ll be in Boston for the Open Leadership Symposium and a 2-day post-conference masterclass in a couple of weeks. I would love to see you there, and not just for the first opportunity to hold a 2-day Agendashift workshop in the US! I’m not exaggerating when I say that Open Leadership and Open in general could turn out to be important themes in the coming months. I certainly hope so.

As a spinoff from Boston, I’ll be doing my first online workshops in June and July. More details here: More ‘Open’, and my first online workshops. If you’re on the mailing list you’ll already have a discount code for these.

The week after Boston I’m off to Berlin for another 2-day workshop; then in June it’s Stockholm and Oslo in quick succession. Check out the calendar of upcoming workshops below for details.

Top posts

  1. Notes from the April 2019 Advanced Agendashift workshop, London
  2. More ‘Open’, and my first online workshops
  3. How the Leader-Leader model turns Commander’s Intent upside down (June 2018, a prototype for a passage in the forthcoming Right to Left)
  4. Stringing it together with Reverse Wardley (February)
  5. Right to Left: a transcript of my Lean Agile Brighton talk (October 2018)

Upcoming workshops – Boston, Berlin, Oslo, and Stockholm

Watch this space for Greece, Turkey, London, and the Benelux region in the autumn.

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