Agendashift roundup, June 2019

In this edition: Visualising Agendashift; Online workshops; Featureban & Changeban; Right to Left (and Wholehearted); Upcoming workshops; Top posts

Visualising Agendashift

I’m rather chuffed that after only three days, Tuesday’s post is already the most read this month. I think it’s my best explanation of Agendashift yet! It is certainly the most visual, being based on the slides for a talk I gave at the Agile in Covent Garden meetup in London last week.

Read it here:

Screenshot 2019-06-24 14.29.37

Online workshops

One way to experience for yourself what’s described in that post is to participate in a public workshop. I’ve already announced an autumn programme of immersive, in-room workshops (see Upcoming workshops below) but what’s new is the chance to do it online*. Furthermore, we’re partnering with the Open Leadership Network** to offer this as certified training for the first time.

The first of these was held this week; the next one will be in just over two weeks’ time and there are places still available:

*Some partners are doing Agendashift online with their clients already and we of course compare notes. This week I’ve done a quick debrief of my experience to the #workshops channel in Slack.

**It was the Open Leadership Network that brought me to Boston last month. For a reminder of why I think this new expression of Open is significant, read my pre-Boston post Why the Open Leadership Symposium is a big deal.

Featureban & Changeban

The other big news for June was the long-promised release of Featureban 3.0 and alongside it some updates to Changeban. They now live under a shared Dropbox folder so that subscribers always have access to the latest versions. All completely free of course – along with many of our other resources, they’re published under a Creative Commons license. Read the announcement here:

Right to Left (and Wholehearted)

Frustratingly, what should have been the biggest news of all for June will happen instead in July. My third book Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile has taken a bit longer to go to print than anticipated, but it’s nearly there now.

Agendashift partner, collaborator, and book reviewer extraordinaire Steven Mackenzie has been running meanwhile with the idea of the wholehearted organisation, something you may remember that I blogged about during the writing of the book. Naturally, I’m very glad to have sparked something! Here’s Steven:

When Right to Left comes out you’ll find the referenced passage in chapter 5 (of 6).

Upcoming workshops
(Online, Stockholm, Athens, London, Istanbul, Berlin)

I must also mention the conferences whose support makes two of these workshops possible:

For the Istanbul conference I have a discount code for 10% off the Super Early Bird price (so be quick I guess!); ping me if interested.

Top posts

  1. Visualising Agendashift: The why and how of outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation
  2. At last! Featureban 3.0 and Changeban 1.2
  3. Martin, this one’s for you
  4. Stringing it together with Reverse Wardley (February)
  5. What kind of Organisational Development (OD)? (And a book recommendation)

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