A week since publication, Right to Left in five tweets

Six if you count the introductory tweet; it’s pinned to my personal Twitter profile (@asplake) and you can easily view the thread from there. You are very welcome to share any/all of them (and/or this post)! And apologies for the odd typo; I can’t go back and fix them.

Starting next month I’ll expand on each of the five in separate posts, with – fingers crossed – a short video interview for each. I’ll maintain this post as an index to the series, so watch this space!

As for the book itself, you’ll find it here:

Ignore estimated shipping dates for the print edition – they’re ludicrously (and perhaps even mischievously) pessimistic. This being the 21st century, it is printed on demand and it ships quickly.

And when you’ve read it, do please leave an online review – I can’t stress enough how much it helps. Thank you!

cover-right-to-left-2019-04-26.001 border

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