Agendashift roundup, Right to Left edition

In this edition: Right to Left; Gearing up for the autumn; Top posts

Right to Left

The title says it all:

Specifically, it’s out in print and Kindle; epub format is on its way (I’ve seen it, so now it’s just a question of distribution). I get asked about doing it as an audiobook, and whilst I’m certainly considering it and wrote it with that possibility in mind, the answer for now is not to wait for it.

Launching in mid August might not have been the smartest thing to do – it was an act of impatience, having failed to launch in June as first hoped. That said, the feedback so far has been great – a common theme being that people are already buying multiple copies! As per my original concept for the book, it’s “a book you’ll give your manager and hope they’ll give to theirs”. So be like Paul (below) and buy three – you’ll need your own copy of course! And I’ll keep saying it: do please leave a bookstore review – you’ve no idea how much they help.

Screenshot 2019-08-29 10.13.31

With Mathias Tölken I’ve recorded a series of short videos that hopefully I’ll be able to include in a series of follow-up posts to this one:

Meanwhile, three longer podcast interviews in quick succession! Here:

Last but definitely not least, for this InfoQ article I am interviewed by Ben Linders:

Gearing up for the autumn

Not that I’m wishing for summer to be over, but on top of all the Right to Left excitement I have been getting ready for a busy season of public Agendashift workshops. Benefiting all supported workshop formats is this visual language for explaining how the various exercises fit together:

Thank you Steven MackenzieMike Haber, and Teddy Zetterlund for your help on this one.

The workshops themselves kick off soon but there are still places. Early bird for London expires very soon, August 31st. Details on Stockholm, Athens, London, Istanbul, Berlin, and online workshops:

Top posts

  1. It’s out! Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile
  2. Agendashift in 12 icons
  3. Visualising Agendashift: The why and how of outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (June)
  4. A week since publication, Right to Left in five tweets
  5. A question among the good luck emails

Leading change in the 21st century? You need a 21st century engagement model:

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