Updates to the Agendashift True North exercise

An update to material that has served us very well for a long time! A True North for Lean-Agile? was posted in 2017, and my last update to the material is nearly a year old although not announced until last August with True North, tweaked.

The Agendashift True North statement remains unchanged this time:


What have changed are two of the setup questions, questions that gently lead participants through a Discovery discussion (usually in breakout groups, perhaps 1-2-4-All style). Previously:

  • (When that’s happening) What new stories could we tell?
  • In those those stories, whose needs are we meeting?


  • (When that’s happening) Whose needs would we be meeting?
  • What new stories could they tell?

I’ve done more than just swap those bullets around. Notice that the storytellers have changed: what was “we”, is now “they”. The change is subtle, but it does a better job of directing attention to what’s happening when needs are being met, when (to use JTBD language) we’re helping people make progress in what today are their moments of struggle.

I’ve put the complete set of setup questions in the facilitation deck – two versions of them in fact, one intended for workshop settings and one more suited to less formal occasions, meetups and the like. The deck is published under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) license and you can obtain it via the True North page. Be my guest!


All the usual discounts apply: repeat visits (not uncommon), partners, gov, edu, non-profit, country, un- or under-employment, bulk orders. If you think that one might apply to you, do please ask. Many of those considerations apply to private workshops also.

For the Deep Dive especially, if you think that you might become an Agendashift partner, partner discounts make it well worthwhile to get on board before you sign up to the workshop.

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