Out on Monday, the Agendashift 2nd edition

agendashift-2nd-ed-sharing-1200x628-2021-02-10Thrilled and relieved in almost equal measure, I have the great pleasure of announcing that the 2nd edition of Agendashift: outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation is released on Monday. It is available meanwhile for preorder here:

An ePub edition is imminent also – expect to find it very soon on Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, and elsewhere.

Make no mistake, this is a big update. Not just three years of refinement and stress testing in the field, we’ve dug deep, established solid foundations, and from there grown in scope, substance, and confidence. Some chapters have been entirely rewritten, a new chapter 6 added. But don’t worry, it’s still Agendashift, just older and wiser 🙂

The list of people to whom I am indebted is long. To mention just a few of those most directly in Agendashift’s development: Dragan Jojic, Karl Scotland, Andrea Chiou, and Steven Mackenzie – there from the beginning, and Patrick Hoverstadt, Jonathan Sibley, Andreas Wittler, Tom Ayerst, Matthew Dodwell, Kjell Tore Guttormsen, and Teddy Zetterlund in relation to the 2nd edition specifically.

Less directly involved but influential, helpful, and supportive (and in parentheses the communities they represent, all of them intersecting significantly with Agendashift’s): Gervase Bushe (Dialogic and Generative Organisation Development), Dave Snowden (Cynefin), Simon Wardley (Mapping), Pia-Maria Thorén (Agile People), Judy Rees & Caitlin Walker (Clean Language both), Daniel Mezick (OpenSpace Agility).

The foreword to the 2nd edition is by Pia-Maria. Daniel’s 1st edition foreword remains; as will be explained in this edition’s completely rewritten introduction, his contains a hidden gift. Sincerely, thank you both.

We’re in business of building wholehearted and deliberately adaptive organisations. If that sentence could one day describe you too, read the book!

PS. While you wait for your copy to arrive, let me recommend the new cheat sheet agendashift.com/leading-with-outcomes-cheat-sheet. Consider it a taste of the first two chapters.

PPS. Likes & comments on this post on LinkedIn would be hugely appreciated. And when the time comes, reviews!


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