Join us on May 18th for Agendashift 2021, our inaugural conference

Join us on May 18th for Agendashift 2021 as we celebrate our first global gathering and the publication of the Agendashift book’s second edition.

Do check out my 2-minute welcome video  – under than 2 minutes long and still plenty of time for Agendashift’s new elevator pitch!

Our speakers, a truly impressive lineup (names to be announced over the coming weeks) will be highly reflective of our community, sharing our values of participation and outcome-orientation. We’re in the business of building wholehearted and deliberately adaptive organisations, and we work towards a world in which everyone is invited to engage meaningfully in every decision that affects their work. Expect therefore not a narrowly framework-centric event but something pluralistic, challenging, and of course engaging.

The conference will be held on Tuesday May 18th, a half day event timed for maximum reach. If you’re based in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, it takes place in your afternoon and evening. If you’re in the Americas, it begins in your morning. You can attend for free, or pay just €10 for access to video recordings of every session. And starting at just €99, there are some fantastic sponsorship packages too.

10% of all revenue goes to global Covid relief – an issue that affects us all – and thanks to the extraordinary commitment of the organising team who I just can’t thank enough, every last penny of the remainder will be reinvested into community development, education, and future events.

Register now!

Agendashift 2021 May 18th Page Image

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