Big changes for the Agendashift Academy

As predicted, Friday 29th is pivot day! As of today:

  • Agendashift Academy ( has moved to a subscription model
  • Choose between Agendashift for Business and Agendashift for Individuals – subscription packages for businesses and individuals, each with yearly and monthly options

And we’re picking up the pace – new Leading with Outcomes content goes live today and we’re committed to releasing new content at least twice a month:

  • Leading with Outcomes: Foundation is already live and very well received – this self-paced module is the one to take first (if you have this already, we’ve given you all the benefits of a yearly individual subscription for the next 6 months)
  • Starting today, we’re releasing Inside-out strategy: Fit for maximum impact at the rate of a chapter a week:
    1. Everybody on the same page with purpose (today, Friday, April 29th)
    2. Getting to the issues that matter (Friday, May 6th)
    3. Organising strategy visually (Friday, May 13th)
    4. From outcome to action (Friday, May 20th)
    5. Designing your inside-out strategy sprint (Friday, May 27th)
  • Outside-in strategy: Positioned for success is in production and will come onstream from June
  • Adaptive Organisation: Business Agility at every scale will come onstream from September
  • Also beginning this summer, we are putting together two long series of short “bite-size” videos that will take us well into next year

On our student community platform (based on Circle), each new module gets its own discussion space. We’re already holding regular AMA sessions (“Ask Mike Anything” – sorry, couldn’t resist), and there will be other subscriber-only events, webinars for example.

Workshop-wise, in the short term we have made the decision to concentrate first on business subscribers, with public workshops to follow. Individual subscribers are not forgotten however! In due course, we’ll announce changes to our existing partner programme and a new programme for trainers wishing to teach from our material.

If you are a leader in a transforming organisation or aspire to be one, then we’re here for you! To find out more – our vision, features, subscription plans, FAQs etc – head over to now.

What if we put agreement on outcomes ahead of solutions?

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